Region transfer bug

Hi, I transfered my account to another region and totally lost the cakes of the 3 year’s event. Is it normal?

No it’s not, don’t ask support cause they literally at this stage sound like drunk, stoned people, I swear next time I get an answer back it’s gonna be what game are u currently playing?

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If it’s only the leaderboard that’s not showing you have any, it’s fine. If they’re not showing up in your museum collection, that’s different.

Only the leader board, lost my candles too. I 've won some new in the current event but still are missing those won in the other region.

It can take up to 72 hours to reflect in new region. You should have taken screenshots of the leaderboard before you transferred, but it should even out soon

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Thanks for your answer, have to wait now :wink:

Yeah, just wait, keep getting candles and stuff, and take note of how many you should have. Scopely servers seem to be slow lately, overloaded by the looks. I’ve only just got my anniversary tokens after transferring.

If it doesn’t update in 3 days, message support and tell them your old region and new region and they should work it out as best they can

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