Region Transfer and multiple accounts in regions

The whole region transfer is great news i can finally move out of my dying region and not have to restart like i have done 2 times previously.

The main question i have with this is will i be able to merge my old regions into one account, i have stuff locked away in my old regions like premier toons such as Viktor and Gresus, and prestige toons like the governors pistol and prestige michonne that are no use and simply collecting dust that i would love to be able to access again even if its just for the nostalgia.

With this announcement is there a set plan in place to deal with this or is it something that still needs to addressed and analysed?


Yeah i’d like to get my teresa out of my baby region


I hope so

I think we should have some kind of nuke roster coin option to clear out some of our regions have so many .

A nuke roster coin would be deadly i was prestige 12 before my new region and would lve the option for all my coins back, been f2p in my recent region since having to restart due to cheats

I really hope you are wrong, scopleys inaction is what caused me to move, and id imagine those in truly dead regions who moved feel the same way as its not their fault they wanted to carry on playing the game and abandon what they spent in a dead region to do so, personally i think it be the right thing to do merge accounts if at all possible if the user wants to


I would be surprised if this was allowed. I have a bunch of level 20 accounts I’ve opened that have a bunch of world cans and raid cans. Doubt they want to give me a bunch of free cans to merge to my main account.

Well i can’t get green Carl in my main region but boom get him first 5* pull in other so merging toons i would like but don’t see it happening

That’s the problem why they wouldn’t because people would take advantage like you, which is silly and ruins it for everyone else , mainly those who should qualify for it .

A simple way round would be offer it as a one time thing and only for those who are level 75 or higher in multiple regions

Whose people like me? Why should you get the benefit of combining war cans from two accounts? I can go grind war cans on another region for the next three months and easily get to level 75. Not to mention combining toons, sounds very unfair imo

Because i have a prestige 12 account that is effectively abandoned due to inaction on scopleys part dealing with cheats , this isnt about me trying to game the system like you claimed you would do if this happens.
I dont care if my cans dont transfer across if thats your biggest worry, i want the toons i paid for to be in my roster not rotting in a dead region. Also war cans are what you need??? wow never bought one war can

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I just want this one. All parts sitting with her in my OG region. Rest are just fodder, so really couldn’t care less. I do have 60 world refills and 175 raid cans that would be nice (but not necessary). 19 war cans but I have 120 so I guess perhaps I kick to much ass too often.

Transfer that rush straight to her 6s version and she could be considered decent.

Sad it’s a big miss for scopely to not ascend her. There is literally no prestige incentive for new players aside from the sword at 13. But even that isn’t a big deal.

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I used my Michonne as fodder

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We all make choices. Lol


I actually don’t. I have well over 100 war cans. Just because you wouldn’t game the system, doesn’t mean others won’t. It’s a bad idea. Sorry your account is dead because of cheaters, I’m just saying in my opinion it’s a bad idea.

Erin is the main one i want to be transfered her, gresus , kenny and andrea

Transfer rosters, not anything else. No tokens, no cans, or ascendance medals. Only rosters. Simple.


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