Region that has not lost a crw (white)

For those looking at migrations, a shameless plug to consider white. We have yet to loose as a region in crw which should speak to the activity of the whole server. We have numerous factions that war 24 hours and many would surely appreciate some new blood. Last crw we had 3 factions in top 8. We have a full Japanese faction and many strong groups. As a region we aren’t as top heavy as many other regions with undefeated groups though we do have one top faction here. Many in the region would welcome added competition. Not speaking on behalf of war pigs or the whole server here but did want to bring awareness of the region to those looking at various options that may become available soon.

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I’ve been told that warpigs is one massive coin machine

We have faced them in crw and yes they are.

Pretty sure not just war pigs. Every region has a faction that coins. I’ve seen factions from other region coin up to 8 times each member. Wont call them out as i don’t remember names.

Oh yeah my top faction is like a coins star machine. Lol

If you believe you can win by coining then you don’t know war. Coining only come into play when you have 2 factions that are equal in speed. You can’t win by out coinning a better faction anymore.


No but you can drop 8 to 10 insta repairs to keep fighting even when you are up 30k on a faction and still coin. Most factions would rather move on than waist money especially with the crap reward structure. Ego is everything in war now a days. Nothing worth fighting for but to brag that you are number 1 and all that really means is you out spent everyone else.

This is not meant to be about war pigs :wink: it’s a look at the whole region. D30 here was 3 rd last crw and as far as I hear are totally coin free so there is a range of options in the region.

As for us, Ask Illuminati we rolled quite a few fights and took a loss. (And straight up lost some fights against them too). Every fight depends on who is in Party on each side. When ppl need milestones fast sometimes doing longer fight helps them out with limited play time especially on Mother’s Day.

The thing is top 1 faction represents the whole region

Factions like that often found offensive and bragging on gc, holding territories just for fun and coining like atm

Just generalizing though, I don’t know a soul from Warpigs faction, I’ve only been told that they are tending to coin often

If we are up by 20k . No point in repairing. You can’t beat us. That’s what we did to one of the Russian faction . They call us cheater for winning after we stop repairing and they blew up our camps and still lost. I had to explain to them that it’s not about last camp standing. It’s all about points scored. CRW is the only events that’s still fun. So that’s what we play for. Don’t care about the rewards. We know it’s going to be crap. I just want to match up with other great factions across other regions.

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What’s the name of the Russian faction was?

Apmada from lithonia

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Meh, what a fools :joy: I’ll forward that, they are weakass faction anyways, lithonia is an old region, they got weak and lazy without competition

We have been around long enough to not really care for territories or other faction events that are pointless. We only focus on crw, rest of the month don’t really participate heavily in events no need to burn out over an aiden extra. But crw is fun and ppl do look forward to it.

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Agree with you on that, but still you can be defeated by bs matchmaking

CRW brings out the competitiveness in peoples. Plus the way it’s setup now. You really don’t see eachother that much in the war. Maybe 8 region is a bit much. As it doesn’t allow you to see more of your main competition.

We know very well how matchmaking can go. Maggie war we were 40 or 60 wars down and took 7 th or something like that. We have been through a lot of bs from scopely but try to stay resilient.

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The only way to survive

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Not EVERY region. My region has yet to have that happen. Though we do have few individuals that do that.

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