Region Scouting



I don’t know if there’s a way to effectively scout new regions before joining. If there is PLS leave a comment below. If not let us know why your region is awesome!! I’m from Bullock and it has been taken over by 3 year whale factions and is no longer fun to play this game.

If you’re a fun and competitive region that doesn’t have mainly 1 mill. plus Rep. factions all in the top ten let it be known!! This wouldn’t just help us here, but anyone else from any region that us and anyone else is looking for. We all just want a more suitable region!!




Hey, most people just start a new game in a region they want to scout. Gets you in to look around.


Wouldn’t this just alert more to follow you wherever you go lol

Wait for crw , find the regions that come in sixth and seventh, 8 is a goddamn graveyard, nothing but ghosts and jabronies that could have went pro but but got injured in a lego accident and hall of famers who were banned for betting on squirrel races

if you want on the level comp, i’d say look at regions that occupy 4th and 5th

Wait a minute, who you running from? will I be surprized?


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