Region merging,help needed

I have been gathering informations regarding regions activity in wars,less and less active factions almost every war in older regions. It comes to a point where only 20ish factions did war and last few out of those managed to get 1-2 wars ,which is very sad. Need your help guys to gather more screenshots of last wars in your region. If you could post a screenshot of your region war, number of factions that did war and name of a region. Im planning to gather as much regions as possible and make a youtube video with possibly some other honest content creators. Every help will be apreciated!
Line ID- fox7394

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20 factions? Try 3 scoring 1 or more wars. You got rookie numbers :joy::joy: (just having a slight mate)


English is not my native language. And i wrote that wrong. Gonna edit it to look how i meant


No, I wasn’t having a go at you mate, was having a joke as my region has 3 factions. That’s all :slight_smile:

When will we learn they won’t do it the coding is a pain in the ass they don’t see the immediate profit and oh yea, why tf would they do that when most will just go to a new region and spend money to get up to speed? I don’t think they have any intention of old regions being alive at this point.

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I sent you data from bleckley already. I hope others will send you theirs. Would be nice to have a video from u that we can show to our community and to scopley.

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Thank you for that. Hopefully more will do the same so i can have enough material to make some noise!

Oh,im sorry to hear that. U can pm it to me. Line ID - fox7394

well atleast your getting some good rewards and are ready for crw lol

Yeah, I guess. But no weapons. Good old Earl isn’t being kind to me :joy:

I have seen more than not say they will not start over as they have spent two much time and money on the teams they have. It would be way more profitable for scopley to allow people to transfer their accounts for a small fee. The coding can’t be that hard WOW has been doing it for years. As I recall they charge 15.00 to change servers. Merging regions will also increase the competition which will bring back the spending. Right now a lot of the old heavy spenders dont see a point in it as they no longer have competition. It’s a win win for players and scopes.

Sorry to burst your bubble but many whales have started over in new regions. I checked a young region this week and spoke with several of them. They have low levels but high prestige 12 and up. They told me they left their dead and dying regions and wanted a fresh start.

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