Region mergers make it happen already

  • Yes regions should be merged
  • No regions shouldn’t be merged
  • Neutral let my region die

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Feel free to leave comments supporting your decision we need to bring this stuff up to the community so @kalishane can do something about it


I’d like to see mergers. Players retire, and nothing fills the void. But I’m not one of those driven to be number 1. I like getting my butt kicked so it drives me to improve.

I also do not think it’s reasonable to expect new players to catch up with us before they leave over frustration.


@OGLASHAY187 after Dade’s reopening I am on the fence about mergers.

We found the reopening worked really well. We were able to refresh factions with new active members, gain competition from new factions determined to topple us from our top perch, and met some new wonderful people without the animosity or struggle of being shoved into a new region with established friendships.

On the plus side region mergers offer;

  • instant equitable competition with similar strength factions
  • more competition for the top players

But downsides;

  • people quit because its no longer easy
  • new players instantly discouraged
  • lower factions become obselete
  • the region stalemates again due to no new blood, just the same people in the same top factions.

While I think the Atkinson/Crawford merge was considered a success by a few players, I think there was a reason the merges stipped and the reopening trial for our region was tried?

With reopening dade we got;

  • inproved factions with more active members, and a huge selection of them.
  • dedicated region hoppers wanting to start over and spending $$ to build teams and win tournaments
  • empathy from origional dade people who have all helped out as much as possible by spreadig into new factions, taking falls in tournaments and lowering teams for wars.
  • origional dade people do not feel threatened so are more willing to help out new people

So either merge or reopening, I really hope the other dead regions contact Shane or Foxtrot and get some action happening.


Although Dade was an extreme case and anything is better than not being able to play the game.

I’m interested in higher level play and not waiting and hoping others catch up. Competition is the main driver for me, and waiting 3-6 months for new players to really have an honest chance at competing is not exciting.

I get your view, but I don’t think it’s really a solution to the overall problem of managing regions as the active player base dwindles.


Hell I think they should merge all regions together they got the money and the power to do so then we can really see who is the most hardcore and addicted faction all the prizes been fancy fodder anyway I just want to war with everyone regardless of skill or rank the real prizes are the Adens in the war crates anyway I think it would boost the morale of the TWD community and make war great again.


While cheating is rife, I couldn’t think of anything worse than merging all regions together.


I’d prefer the option for individual player moves to any region of their choice (With sensible restrictions such as not being allowed to move to a region that’s too new) - then players can leave a dying region or region ruined by cheaters of their own free choice rather than being forcefully merged with another.

It can’t be that difficult to do - simply check no tournament is currently running, make sure the player is not in a faction (They must leave first), then copy their game data across to the database for the region they are moving to. Flag data in old region to be deleted once they successfully log in (But not immediately in case there are any problems.) Support can revert back to old region if there are problems.


It should be on a individual basis…

Plain and simple

I’m comfortable on my region and don’t have the desire to move anywhere…

Especially to some random melting pot

I agree with that individual thing being able to move around others regions , isn’t hard to do and it will help a lot of people who are locked in regions with cheaters or even worse with low activity.

Yeah, no thanks on merging with a VK region, that’s a hard pass

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why do not you just open the doors of the regions so that the accounts can move freely?


I agree in theory. There would need to be some control. I personally wouldn’t want a player using cheats to go from another region to mine then to another, ruining events for several regions when moving around.

It could be nice if scopely let you migrate regions. I have 4 other regions im not that active on and i would like to migrate them all to my main region. Get all those characters, supply points, tokens and xp levels all into one. @kalishane just a suggestion

I know it’s something we’ve been wanting to do-- it’s just way more time intensive than opening a region like we did with Dade…


Could you elaborate a bit to shed light on it so maybe guys would demand it less. Then the question of migrating a single account to a new region possibly versus mass mergers.

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It would be great having all those toons and cans I left behind in my old region after being there during more than 1 year and a half since there were only 4 factions and eventually everybody quit because of low activity and I left that region behind and I had to start all over again losin money and time. That will be like a miracle tho…something that will change the way people see and thinks about scopely

The thing with migrating regions is that it will allow players to move an entire faction to a new region and dominate events. It happens now in other games(I think mobile strike is the most common). If it were capped, limited to once every 6 months, and the region had to be at least 12 months old, it would be a good idea, but total free movement would be disasterous for newer regions.

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I agree, limits would be needed, and likely more regions decay faster as players or factions move around.

I’m more of a fan of full merge of 2 regions but individual movement would be a decent option once the active population falls below a threshold.

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If it was cost prohibitive it wouldn’t be an issue of having people jump around into different regions?

I can’t see our faction going anywhere now our region is open, but we would welcome another competitive faction into DADE.

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I’m hoping @Dash could come in and elaborate on this a bit more.

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