Region merge option

I’m in Houston region and we are down to 24 active war factions, which makes the match ups a nightmare. Is there a way to get the ball rolling on merging smaller regions? Or maybe unlocking the accounts of smaller regions so we can move ourselves to a different region and bring our toons with us?


Seems like they could temporarily open region switching so we could do it ourselves, just give us a week, we do all the work. Gives us time to find a region and get everyone switched over. Or do it over a war weekend, instead of having war have a region switching event lol anything!!,

Jasper region here. 30 factions have had at least 1 war. About 14-15 factions are warring consistently…consistently meaning they’ve done at least 10 wars. We are in 4th with 35 wars.

This is painful. I remember a year ago there were 75 factions who were in war. 8 months before that were 120. @kalishane please make note of this.


They have said before they are working on solo transfers, which really makes more sense. They can monetize it and you get to pick where you go.

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24 active war factions??? Try playing in a region with barely 24 active players, we have 2 factions and have had 2 wars so far. Totally agree you though, merge would be a game saver but never going to happen.


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Yours are the regions that need help. The OP seems… fine? 24 active factions is better than most!

But 24 active players is :sleeping: Thats where we were this time last year. Now we have 30 actively warring factions and its great.

Why they can’t open up your dead regions like they did for us, I do not know :frowning:

Is there any progress or updates on dead region help @kalishane?


try 6-7

Yeah. 24 is active to me. We have 4 factions, only have 4 still because we swap out higher players for lower ones.

Why dont ask scopely stop open a new region that is the key of killing old region because people will move into new region and the old region will dies slowly

Total doesn’t matter if half of them do less than 5 battles. What matters is how robust is the war throughout the full 24 hour cycle. Players don’t stick around if they never match. It’s diminishing likelihood of player retention…

If your searching more than your warring there is a problem that needs action.

Alas expect nothing. They rather watch us complain while eating their popcorn and laughing.

They don’t fricking care. If it doesn’t make them money they won’t do it. It has been said before in the old forums, region merging hurt their profits. Factions that thought they were all that got their asses handed to them in the new region and quit. The only ones really spending are the top factions for pride (hey mom, u can be proud of me) or shear stupidity.

This game lacks no skill or strategy. It’s who can convince mom or dad to let them spend $1000’s on pixels. It’s beyond pathetic.

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What if each faction had to pay coins to switch regions? Open up smaller regions for it, have a list of options we can choose from. Scopely makes money we get what we want? @kalishane