Region merge needs an update

We need an update on the topic of region merging… everyday people are quitting more and more and everyday it’s harder and harder to find replacements in a closed region. You have lost countless players due to this issue, how much longer are you going to keep this up?


Honestly I personally think they don’t care, but I might be wrong

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They seriously need to update this. I’m on wits end. Our region of choctaw has gone stale and just this weekend 3 people from the top facs left. We only have 4 actually active facs left. Not to mention all of those have some big spenders. But if they keep this up, all those players are gonna leave before feb 2018. :confused: myself probably earlier


They have said they won’t merge as apparently, things in Dade aren’t working out like they would like. They said (last month) that they were looking at other options instead of merging.

@kalishane , I know you’ll see this when the weekend is over, but, I’m posting now because we don’t have holidays here in Australia

I think I read they have a special team dedicated to the region issue. Last I heard they are trying to make a way for people to take their main account to different regions.

Adding a lot of new players in an old region was never a good plan, too much difference of knowledge about the game.

They should merge regions with similar age and soon! Each time there are fewer factions, less competitiveness, more inequalities of activity, the same problems between players … the game dies :frowning:


Really hoping Scopely goes with allowing players to change regions like WoW.

Region migrate. Newer regions get 90 day shield so new players can get established but the rest are free game

Sady, though it made a huge difference in DADE and we have so much more activity than we did when we were closed, they consider it a failure.

We tried hard to make things easy for newbies, gave away tournaments and took in around two dozen to our faction and got them good prizes and gave them a huge chance. But still people were dissatisfied with not being able to have a chance at being the #1 player in the region. And the other old faction took the opportunity of pushing the newbies down and taking the prizes for themselves. As well as poaching players from the strongest newbie faction. Ergo, we have ended up with the same two old factions on top. Yawn.

Still, there are some great players in lower factions who are pushing hard. And we oldies in the top faction have backed right off getting top prizes every tournament again. So hopefully some stick around.

Being able to individually migrate would make a huge difference though. Those who enjoy our region can bring their old teams over and really be competitive quickly.

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Thanks tully, i know twd isnt that bad like the other said. Im just playing for 2 month in dade , there are other player who try hard too. The one who always complain just because they are jealous.

But its true the different between new player and old player in one region is so large. Everyone should try their best. There are plenty ways to reach top. Dade now is an active region, i play in different region and see the differences. If only in one region there are just few player or faction, they need to merge it despite of closed it. So good luck guys! Hope the best for you all!

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I happened to step in Dade during the last war to see how it was and it seemed to be super active. There were a lot of wars for many factions. Surprised they consider it a failure.


That sucks. I thought Dade was doing really well…

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Dade is probably doing well with activity, but low with $ income for scopely. hence why it is “not working” and they won’t be doing this method anymore.


I am assuming thats the driving force behind the “failure” call. Though some newbies have spent bucketloads to buy teams that can compete with the oldies quickly. So there is definately more spending going on now than there ever was before when we were closed!

We have over 1000 scorers on the raid tournament board already, and get a few hundred factions at war so activity levels have improved out of sight.


How old is dade? Can I still move my account there?

You can’t ‘move’ your account, you start fresh. But, Dade is just over 2 years old, it’s one of the original regions when the game first launched globally.

You’ve always been able to do that. What’s the point of their testing then? I thought they were testing moving existing accounts to new regions and seeing how it works. I’ve moved to new regions at least twice for a more active region. I guess choctaw is where I die. Bye RTS unless they update this region merge or individual transfer.

We need some help in Worth, but it’s probably not going to happen. Last war, only 23 factions were competing. Out of those 23, I think only 15-16 actually got more than 10 wars in.

They were not testing the moving of individual accounts. I believe what they did was

-Unlock Dade. (They should do this for all locked or “hidden” regions) (this was one test)

-Start band new players in this Dade.

When new players start they go to a new unpopulated region, So that everyone starts at a similar playing field.

Ever notice how there aren’t many new players in your region? That’s because Scopely doesn’t send them there, they send them all to a new region.

Dade acted as a new region and was given fresh blood. That was the 2nd “test”