Region "mass" message


We need a way to send a mass message to the whole region. Maybe send the intended message to scopely and they transmit it?


Sounds like a top faction wanting to stamp it’s rule on everyone. No thank you


You’re just asking for trouble by allowing something like that.


Oh yes. Let some ass-blasted guy send everybody a message in the region to commit suicide.
That totally won’t be horrible.


Why not just use global chat?


This was a serious request. It could have its uses if you think about it. No Parker, not a top faction just wanting to help the region.

Not everyone reads global chat and when it is busy, it goes “north” really quickly.


I can see this being abused very easily.


Just because it can be useful doesn’t mean it will be useful. Unless it can be controlled and pops up as a would have an easier time convincing your entire region to join your line chat group.


There is a way to send a message to the whole region, its called global chat


This just has problems written all over it, tbh this would be a cool feature but I could see many ppl abusing it sadly


What use would this even have? There is no way you can control your whole region. There is no way you dont get blocked by tons of users if you mass message. Please stay out of my DM’s


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