Region Keys Availability


Does anyone know when region keys will be available in the store?


just buy one at the region listing screen. Click on your key that says 0 and it will prompt you to purchase another one


I never saw that untill now thank you


Any idea oh how to buy a faction?


buy a faction!!! does it makes any sence


You know thats $100 to move an entire faction or in scopely exchange rate 10k coins & 1 person buys…


Yes I’m aware of the cost but just curious how do you even do it? I’m asking for a friend. :slight_smile:


How much is a key?


I believe the keys are 1,000 coins. faction keys are 10,000




And single keys are currently up for sale. Just hit the key icon and you can buy it there if you already used yours. As far as faction key not sure when it will come out since there was no point for it to be available with all the free keys.


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