Region crafting factions vs 1 easy team for 1 hour

Whats better and why?

  • Region crafting faction
  • 1 easy team for 1 hour

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Easy team. Can stay in your faction, not wipe your tickets and trophy records, not worry about lock-in, craft during fac events, not have overbearing region rules, craft at your own pace, help your factionmates craft and I suppose feel overall more loyal. Did I miss anything?


Both have it’s advantages and dis advantages.
With a crafting faction, constantly leaving the Faction and re joining is a pain. Again no one can use this method during faction events.
However this is a great mode for weaker players. It’s never easy for a P10 level 90 player to grab the crits faster than top whale teams.
Occupying for 1 hour with easy teams inversely works better for top factions.
Imo it’s great to have different regions follow either of these methods and players can choose which region they want to be part of.

Clicked on the wrong option :roll_eyes:

I should have voted for easy teams for all of the reasons @Parker listed

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I prefer a crafting faction. Just jump in when you want to craft.

Timers out of sync, trolls sending crits to walkers, different factions taking crits at the same time, the inconvenience of not being able to craft when you want – some of the cons with easy teams for an hour.

Easy teams for an hour is handy during faction events though.

But people attack crafting factions all the time & its reliant on retired people and/or alts to hold it up. They get knocked out their teams are now dead & on cooldown.

I saw someone tries this in my old region. The reaction was … uhmm…


Regions still do a craft faction my region that lasted maybe a month. Team events it became a free for all so got shut down plus rouge factions that don’t give a rat as*

You can’t just ‘make’ a crafting faction. You need to have a sit down with the leads in the top factions, get buy-in, set terms, then you create.

That being said, I prefer the 1 hour thing. Getting agreement and coordination is just not worth the effort when all it takes is a faction to mess everything up.

I prefer crafting factions because it reduces how much people bitch about the critical territories.

You can also craft whenever you want outside of faction events with no waiting on timers.

During faction events it’s best to go to the rotating weak defense option.

Yes it swipes your record with fa tickets and leagues, but I would think a good leadership council will keep track of how people do in wars and such.

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Back b4 transfers we tried a crafting faction and while alot were on board some were not which led to alot of drama. Also its a pain to have to leave your faction (most are set closed) to have to make sure someone can let you back in and leaders half to pass leadership. Not a huge deal but nonethe less extra stuff. Also so many events going on and that means weekends are back to regular taking anyways. You also have to have people willing to be in the crafting faction. Which means low active, wasted assault tickets, faction league trophies going to a crafting faction to maintain. Because you will have people who dont follow rules.
Ive found it easiest to pick one of the 2 surefire or strip and elect one to be the deciding factor and always taken first if they get surefire then strip is theres. Place easy trainer team and be done in an hour. Also being courteous enough to limit taking it multiple times daily.

We just take it in my region you can coordinate whatever you want but some factions don’t do line or kik. So you can’t stop them rogue factions. I run a rouge faction by the way haha

Easy teams for an hour is better. No hassle and if you need it usually just call it out in GC. Only downside I’ve seen really is if a faction wants to be petty and see faction grab surefire they will grab strip mall so instead of 30 crit your getting 15. Outside of that in Randolph we really haven had a problem


I agree holding the 1 land for that hour what’s the point just give it up

When it works as it should I think crit faction is best, when it doesn’t it’s worse.

Downside of free for all is EVERY time I think “I need to craft” , there is 57 minutes on the timer. Next time I remember it is 45 mins left !!! :man_shrugging:

The thing on craft faction is there is rouge factions in every region not just 1 but multiples

Yes there’s always somebody that feels the need to go against anything that seems to work. We had a call in global in my last region worked fine for everyone except 1 faction leader wanted it done his way so he constantly went against it. Current region we place low level team in but there seems to be issues with someome always taking the other, timers 5 min apart and its clear surfire is taken and they take the other anyways.

1hr. No movement. No event restriction.

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in my last región Lanier they used to haver a Crafter Faction that was manage by retired player or player that semi retired, and it always was like “all of the server owe us something because thanks to us this Works” and now in my new server the 1 dfence Works great, we can craft even on those weekends of faction events.

Long time since this topic has popped up sounds like someone wants to control their region. The old do as I say we’re in charge.