Region clean up


Not sure how many have this in there region but my region has 1811 factions and only 27 played in war this is old region that needs to be cleaned up it is literally the sea of dead accounts many prestige 0 I seen accounts not log on since I started and I started back in Nov 2015


Good luck with that mate. We have 3-4 factions (on a good day). That’s it. The rest are dead accounts. We are an original region, from global release roughly August 2015. So we’re dead and no-ones doing anything.

So again, good luck.


Lets give that context as well Dennis. I’ve mentioned here before, Marion may have 27 factions that are “active” (yeah right) but its actually only about 10/11 or so that actually war with anything close to regularity.

The bottom 10 or so managed less than 20 wars during our last war weekend

The sad thing is we aren’t almost as dead as the poor folks in Sumter


Its the same problem all over, butts had around 36 active factions but only 15 id say war regularly the others are lucky to average a war every 3 hrs.

i’ve personally thought about hitting marion back up but im way to far behind the curve to find it fun anymore, especially as all the money spent there has been nulified by 6 * Despite being prestige 11 just from purchases in marion i currently only own one potential 6* in that region mirabelle , and that the problem 6* has made it almost impossible to successfully bring in new players, even old players who were once decent and have a roster to fall back on struggle, and they will continue to do so until they flood the market with old characters instead of shiny new premiers each week .

CRW serves as a basic fix as long as they actually vary the matchmaking and you dont get the same region each time like we have, but unfortunately these regions don’t bring in new players as much as old players leave, but they need to do some basic Quality of life improvements asap like the current gear throttle all i does is force players out no one i know is spending on gear they are just getting frustrated and leaving


I would avoid Marion at all costs to be honest. Without dropping a shed load of cash or accepting you’ll never catch up its pointless.

All the 6* reset has done is retain (short-term) engagement from f2p or those lower down the rankings who can now hit teams they had no chance of hitting 6 months back.

Once power creep moves ahead again (which we all know it will) the balance of power will once again rest with those that spend more and there goes that short term engagement.

As for CRW matching, we’ve had Brantley twice in a row now, some good guys, some strong teams but hell if we wouldn’t like a different match up

As an aside, no one i know has ever bought gear from offers and only two people i know have bought stashes (both cleared Gator stash for that 30 ap weapon) - Marion was a fairly high spending region before 6*, now it seems very few are pulling for anything at levels they were a few months back

Personally, I’ve done 1 40 pull since 6* inception and now just do 10s if i bother at all


yeh lol my spending days are way behind me free offers or nothing i even let my monthly go.

And yeh that just sums up my point for a free game why would i want to join a region where i have to spend thousands just to be competitve again, its a sad state of affairs and one has to wonder why as dennis says they dont wipe the dead accounts probably a year or more and then merge a couple of older regions together, it would bring back some of the life, even for a short period, otherwise we are all ending up like sumter


Basic cleanup of regions and the database as a whole is something that has been ignored since day 1. My guess is it doesn’t drive engagement and costs money so isn’t looked at.

I would love a region merge but even that seems unlikely after the first (and only) attempt scopely made left people unhappy (for unhappy see stopped spending as now 4th place faction rather than 3rd)

I don’t actually see a solution outside of making all wars CR or implementing region transfers for individuals but even that needs careful planning and handling of the type Scopely seem inept to manage.


id have thought database purges like this would be necessary as it creates additional work on the computers and servers to store useless information.
Considering that we are limited in inventory for weapons as that supposedly helps clear lagg problems surely these profiles do the same creating server lag

id assume there is potentially hundreds of thousands of dead accounts , surely by purging them features like teritories or wars would lag less


Oh without doubt, unmanaged databases can be become very unresponsive and resource hungry.

I would imagine there is some sort of management going on to prune obselete records but possibly only those that have no detrimental impact on keeping the game “live”

Depending how various databases have been linked its also very possible that purging dead accounts would be a massive undertaking and could cause more issues than it resolves on the back-end systems

All theory without seeing the Scopely back-end though


Some might say we’ve seen enough of scopely’ back end.

Not me of course, but some would.


They need all those dead accounts to claim them as “Active” users to raise funds is my guess, so they won’t be going anywhere “soon” :grinning:


Much like all the influx of " new users", who downloaded from the amazon store


I’m just saying at least get rid of the prestige 0 system coming up on 2 years if you haven’t played in 2+ years odds are your not coming back or quiting again most aren’t even linked with Facebook so no1 will ever claim back there account