Region changing

How does switching regions work now? Im currently in Robertson and want to go to either Pickens or Blount but have no option to…

If new region will be locked for a while :confused:

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How u know if its a new region…? I have another account thats in Blount but i cant access it sadly :cry:

They say that region changes will be closed for the foreseeable future. I believe like many others totally disagree with the closing regions again. Sorry you’re stuck for a little bit.

If its a new acc? Probably joined you to a new region and when I joined Chester it wouldn’t give the option to join another region for months. Maybe ask support to move you there idk, good luck :slight_smile:

Ya i had ti create a new account so it auto picked a region and i was going ti switch like i did before but didnt have the option to. Thx for the help guys :blush:

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Good luck to ya :blush:

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