Region change issue

So a friend of mine just started playing but she can’t change regions why is this?

That’s how they’ve set it up for new players. They go to the newest region which is locked until the region is old enough to hold it’s own. They are trying to prevent established players from starting fresh in a new region and having a lot of advantages over everyone or for new players to start in a developed region and have a hard time catching up.

It is a poor system if you have someone who joined to play with friends. They could always try asking support very specifically stating they would like to join a certain region to start and show a screenshot of the fact they have no regions available but support is hard to deal with and will just give them a run around talking about region transfers. So if your friend wants to be persistent they can continue to press support until someone understands and either helps or says not going to happen.

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What’s strange is she showed me her region and it says it’s highly active

Level of activity doesn’t say a thing about how strong that region is. Consider it: “weak, but active”.

Scopely awarded once again with the BS trophy

She’s only level 2. She should try levelling up a few more times. Wait for the xo map tomorrow. Other regions might unlock after she’s maybe level 20ish?

It’s not a perfect system but on the flip side allowing a new playing to start in a competitive active region can be very overwhelming and might cause the person to not even bother playing. At least starting in a new region they have a chance to grow with the region.

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I appreciate all the help. I remembered I have an extra account tied to another fb page of mine ima give her that one

It’s my girl I figured it would be easier for her if I help her personally or have some fiends who can give her a spot in a decent faction

That goes a long way in helping get someone started. It might be worth having them talk to support and keep pressing for them to grant a one time move, even if they have to start fresh.

You’d think they should be able to allow new players to join other regions if they want to, but just not make the new region which they were originally placed in available to everyone else.

Probably don’t want newbies sussing out other regions and glimpsing their future!

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Lol my thoughts exactly

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