Region change for noobs


Okay, so I have a friend. Nope? You caught me, I’m lying. Anyway, I just set him up an account and I’m trying to bring him over to my region (Madison) but he can’t change regions at all. 2 questions:

  1. at what point will he be able to change regions?

  2. will he be able to join Madison? I read maybe it’s closed because it’s high capacity. Is that true? How can I change that?


Tell him to quit now before its too late


As constructive as that was, I think we’re going to go in a different direction on this one. Still, thanks for the bump. :blush:


Get him to message support, they’ve helped me change regions before. Hopefully they can help you.



Thanks Chris!


Still no luck. Support is being useless as usual. Can anyone else suggest anything? He can’t even select a random region at the moment.