Region can not move


Region can not move

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It seems to be an issue we have currently, where you cannot transfer as you’re Solo Season 2 is yet to kick-off.

We’re currently investigating on the problem, thanks for your patience.

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none left.


hahahaha keep on surviving :raised_hands:t2::+1:t2:

Hi. I’m in plat leauge 2 qualifier. May we get updated soon?

Anything new on this… the only event on going right now is a solo level up and if that’s the reason that I’m stuck in my current region that’s horrible because you keep throwing those solo level up tournaments in

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This needs worked out before seeding imo. Loads have waited to move and now being stuck for no reason.

There is no seeding this time.

Honestly they need to put this season on hold until things get sorted out. How is it fair some can gain League points while others can’t? And I’m one who has full access and is gaining points. Even I can see how unfair it is.

I know that. I said before seeding.

Still waiting yet no update.

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