Region Assault / Cross Region Assault


Faction assault frequency is so low considering the tickets we earn and how long does it take to resupply.

I suggest add region assault to event lifecycle. It should work as scopely unlocks a tier or each tier one after another and whichever faction completes it wins the event.

Would be hell a lot better than useless solo level ups. Maybe if it works out well you can make a Cross Region variant aswell.

This will strengthen the coop elements and pve side of the game.


Maybe, instead of order of completion, points are given based on damage done, multipyling in reflection of the tier participated in. Time zones, starting times for assaults, across a multicultural region or cross region doesn’t make a timing based reward sound so great.


yea time zones are the scopely’s strong side and that’s why i hesitated about it being cross region. But intra region competition definetly can work imo.