Region Activity Level Data and Changes since Unlock


Here is the data on regions since the unlock from a couple weeks ago; split into language and activity level.

The data comes from the in-game region list.


English regions have had 8 regions drop to low since people have been allowed to move while it has been a positive change for regions of other languages.

The rule of thumb is that new regions are locked to join/leave for roughly a year and all have the highest levels of activity.

Updated list for regions
New regions? Hmmmm
Give the #1 overall 8v8

Marion says med still but since than we losted the number 1, 3 and 4th ranked factions


There’s likely some wide ranges of activity within each category.


Irwin lost a big faction but still medium throughout all of this XD


It says med but have 400-500 that prize in solo


B4 transfers 600-650


Yes thank you


I saw a newer one with a 3rd column for 9/14 on here somewhere a few days ago. But, it is deceiving. I’ve saw a region in medium category with 13 factions this weekend in war, and another medium with 26 factions active in war.


Talk to scopely about their rating system.
Search the region selection screen if you think theres a mistake. Some regions fluctuate


No, not questioning your chart at all. Just commenting on an observation I had about the ratings in general. No need to be defensive.