Regina's rush broken (doesn't do anything)

Speed leveled her and tried playing with her in raids and her rush litteraly does nothing. No maim. Nothing. She goes through the animation and then it’s the next toons turn. I checked to see if there were any maim resist mods and nope.

Can’t post a vid but this is b4 and after rush ss same turn


Beta testing is sooooo 2017




I don’t get how mine is bugged. But that was the reason I was trying her this morning

@Winnie and @docmatix Are you guys on different builds? One on beta and the other not?

And are you both using 5 star or 6 star

One of you may be seeing the “fixed” maim in action…

I have the beta. This is my main region tho. I had a mate hit me on defense and she worked but I put her 1v1 on attack and autoed and she didn’t rush. Got it filled and just used active and normal attack

What happened to the other maim damage? Lol only Solange took any

I have the same problem. She doesnt do anything with her rush

Perhaps just a visual bug in the hp bar? Have you checked the total hp before and after her rush?

Yes, even recorded a video she literally does nothing.

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Same here, I tried her and no damage, recorded it too…


scopley didn’t fix maim bug
Good news is when she’s un broken
I can confim that maim can decap ppl
Which means Regina basically can garentee kills
Which is awesome
For now looks like your gonna have to keep surrving.


she is working fine as i can tell

Working fine for me. I’m not on Beta build though. This could definitely be the issue though, beta branch has broken so many things in the past consistently, that I don’t even know why people are still subscripts to it.

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Not like they ever listen to beta feedback anyways


Enjoy until the update lands then.

Unless Scopley fix it :joy::rofl::joy::joy:

I’m on beta and if it was a problem with maim it would applieTo Dale and shiva checked mine and they work fine
There was a maim bug that scopley said they needed to fix Probaly made it worse lol

I mean I already got her t4ed and I’m not running into any problems

At 6* T2 here and she inflicts 1600 maim.

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