Regina or Charlie: Which is Worth it?

I just want to ask the community and get some feedback as to which of the two new League Store exclusive star ascendables is more worth the tokens: Charlie or Regina? Please let me know what your thoughts are on both, as it would help me out deciding which to purchase. Thank you all.

I bought both but think Charlie will be more useful for me

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it depends on what you have i got Regina but thinking of getting a Charlie too they both seems pretty okay


Ive got a couple teams, one with Erika lead, blue Tyreese, Siddiq, blue Garret and Lee. My other has tough Garret lead, blue Tyreese, Siddiq, all out war Rick and fast Sandy. Erika is my defense team and Garret’s is my offence. Which would fit better in which? Any help is appreciated.

If you don’t have a decap, Regina completely. If you do have a decap, then perhaps Charlie, both are worthwhile having though


Alright. What kind of team have you put Charlie into?

I have blue Tyreese already, so Charlie then? His “Manic” specialist is interesting.

He will be on an attack team with Michelle

Ah i see. I didn’t get Michelle unfortunately so. Thanks anyways man.

Nothing wrong with expanding options, she is faster and maim damage vs normal means you don’t have to try and guess the killing shot. <1600 and she’ll decap.

In regards to Charlie, he’s pretty much the anti-shield to Regina’s anti-revive. If his HP is high it’ll taunt shields, if it’s low his AR will keep activating giving him focus. There’s not really a wrong answer to either

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Charlie is a very unique toon with his weapon and special skill. He also has a decent AR. I would make sure to get him before the end of the season

Even if he doesn’t fit in a team for u now he may in the future


I bought all 3 ascendables and for collection perposes Ezekiel but the one I am in favour of the most is regina because of her huge maim and decap as she is the highest maimer in the game so he defence high hp toons are slowly drained until the she uses her second rush where she tends to finish them of

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Alright, thanks for that. I’m starting to think I might get Charlie, and if i have enough at the end of the season get Regina. Thanks for taking the time man, much appreciated.

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I think I will do, thanks for the info and opinion man.

I think I’ll try for both exclusives, Charlie first as i can afford him right now, and can start levelling him. Thanks man.

No problem your choice but Kal is a good support character aswell I would recommend getting him

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I’ve thought about it as he controls AR’s brilliantly with impair and AP drain. Thanks.

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I know but unless I pay with coins I’m stuck with three different defensive leaders. I’m still on the hunt for a decent offensive lead.

Good few years, iny just became really active again in the last year. I didnt fully grasp the Michelle event, I thought I wouldnt have been able to get her so imdtead I bought the mods. Stupid I know, but its over now.

It’s understandable that u could have thought u wouldn’t get her. Most probably assumed it was going to be like the road warrior event where it was very difficult for a ftp to get Bruce or Sandy

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