Regina hitting wrong toon

Happens quite often.
Even when Ajax is shielding.
Not decap ajax but instead hit someone with full energy.

And I do not have a video.
And it has been doing this for over a week.

Definitely try to get a video. People have been saying similar things. Videos help with getting it addressed.

How to video???

Apple or Android?

Problem with lacerator Rick its potluck hitting the toon you choose :confused:

Android os

Seems to be several toons that are doing that now

That’s easy, launch your game from inside the Google Play Games app instead of from its screen icon. Inside the app you’ll see a symbol for a camera in the top corner that launches the game along with Googles built-in screen recorder.


Thanks R9

it does happen with Regina sometimes i can bare witness too … but its happening a few times, i will have my cursor on a specified toon (lets just say i want to hit with all 5) and at times, one or two will hit a random toon other than the one pointed at. No taunt, focus etc manual play.

Even when Ajax has shield on.
She will bypass shield and hit someone randomly.
Kind of annoying because instead of decapitating Ajax he heals.

Google does not have a official built in screen recorder, some phone manufactures do though.
During beta testing for Android 10 in developer options you could enable it, but in the official release of 10 it was removed.

A lot of people use DU recorder from the Google play store. In a pinch, just use another phone/tablet to record your screen.

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