"Regarding the ban of my Twd-Rts account"


I’m facing a very big problem: my account has been closed resp. banned, but I don’t have any explanation for this situation.

I have been playing this game for approximately 4 years thoroughly. Last week I spent my holidays in Poland, when I started the game during my trip and was led to an information-page where I learned, that my account was banned.

After that I contacted the support immediately and I was told, that there has been a violation of the ToS.

Even after several questions, regarding a supposed violation, I was just told that they couldn’t hand over any informations and that my account will stay banned.

I never used exploits nur buggy situation nor cheats, and I never intent to do so.

Therefore I would like to ask again, if someone could help me out of this situation or give me some hints, whom I can ask for further help regarding unbanning my account.

I am playing in a german top 10 faction and have spent several thousand euros and after such a long time of playing this game, and a lot of investing, I would really appreciate your help!


"Regarding the ban of my Twd-Rts account"

Buying toons and trainers and coins off vk is a straight ban. You never used vk if so this is a total innocent ban.

@LadyGeek usually has some helpful tips for stuff like this

Pretty much, they just give the hammer without any reason and that is that, hope you didnt spend on this

At this point does anyone still believe that scopely would never do shady stuff? Do people still reaply believe they are good hearted and this and every person who has got the perm hammer is cheating? Wake up sheep! :sheep:

At this point, I don’t think the people still playing this game will ever quit from shady stuff scopely does in the future.

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Did you buy anything while in Poland? I think you can get banned for using a vpn to spoof your location to get cheeper coins so maybe they thought you were doing that?

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Must have to do with you being in Poland. Not sure there is anything they can or will do.

No cause RTS players like the abuse lol

i have heard before of players getting the b a n due to a change of location

Send me your line ID

“…spent several thousand euros” :joy:

I do think they did detect something which was worth it to imposs a bän. Could be so much not just coin loading, refund exploiting or buying toons & items. File manipulation to get higher stats for weapons or toons is the new thing for script kiddies.

Heard this heard that. Did they’ve changed ToS lately? Been traveling across Europe and used countless public wlan hotspots while playing TWDRTS and never had any issues. If he is really innocent he should get a refund since he won’t get back his account. Or perhaps OP just received a temp bän due of the chat bot?

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