Regarding sandy and bruce

Hi survivors,

Currently at 8.9k/20k. Was wondering what strat to follow to get both toons this event with minimum spending. Am asking like either save key n batteries todo hard maps only or what.

Pls dont reply w simply buy offers. Thanks

You would have to use either coins or real money to get both. Steering wheels would be the problem. If it wasn’t for those u could just use hundreds of raid cans which most people don’t have

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Only hav like 32 raid cans for those last push moments in fac events lol.

Okay so I hav 1 key and around 700 batteries, should I do ez map now or wait till I have enough for harder map?

Buy the starter back when it comes back up. I have abt 5 keys and close to 10k tires

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I am currently saving extra batteries for now. And doing the hard map every day. I may start doing the easy map in addition later this week after I have a better idea of how many times I will need to complete

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I’m trying to do it for free though. I won’t get both but that’s fine because I already have 2 Bruce. It will be close for me to get Sandy. I just bought some batteries from the coin shop. Wasn’t lucky enough to get one that had 1000. If u want both you more than likely will have to spend unless you have a bunch of coins saved

If you want both toons, this is you’re best strategy. See here:

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But the wheels and tyres. Only guaranteed way.

To get both, money will be the only for sure way. I’m just trying to use coins and I think by doing that it’s going to be super close just for one

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