Regarding chihuahua collectables for Romanov

Just a suggestion for the players who already have Romanov and have no use for the collection other than waiting for the supply depot currency. Maybe do a flash roadmap using chihuahuas for the energy. Put up rewards like gear, gold ascension medals, mods, crates with other things etc…

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@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron thoughts?

Made a similar post. No response of course.

Yep. I don’t have a problem with them doing something like a collection for Legacy toons but for all of those that already have the toon it’s a huge waste of time. At least make the collection items useful in some other meaningful way

Huge waste of time for ppl who have romanov. We need a better way to use the plush. I agree with this idea

I’d much rather they go back to the multiple collections like they used to do. Shouldn’t have to be able to finish an S10 roadmap to collect the items you won…

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

While I like the idea of making events centered around a method of receiving ascendables, Scopely needs to take into account that some players already have the legacies.

The question the becomes, what do players use the collection items for if they don’t need another Romanov? 21 days of rewards go down the drain?

Please consider adding smaller museum collections for various items such as mods, medals, trainers or gear so players can use them accordingly. Show that you are serious about #playersunited. Please and thank you.


Yup something like that cupcake event will be good, where one had to option to get trainers, mods and even chance to coins, if the player didn’t want toons.

Yes they should be doing these things… obviously it is too much work to bother with

Even for those who don’t have the legacy, when the reward is as bad as Romanov some players might prefer an alternate use for those items.

I have Romanov and had him at tier 4 level 80 in anticipation of his release as a legacy. He now sits in my inventory, still as a 5*, in the slim hope that he’ll ever get a bump in something to make him worth wasting the medals.

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Well stated.

Maybe he’s meant to be a defensive decap like Regina???

Your points are all valid but I’d like to add that once you get the toon, there nothing left to go for for the next couple weeks. Or however long is left.

Get 2…:rofl:

I will pass it on :slight_smile:

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Hi GR just wondering if you have an honest personal opinion about Sergio

Thank you. Appreciate it!

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