Regarding "Admin" spamming GC


Put a couple of restrictions on being able to speak on gc:

  • Account must be > 6 hours old;
  • Account must have been in a faction atleast once;
  • Account must have completed the full Homemart stage (world map) -> or whatever you think is right;
  • Account must have a town hall of atleast level 5?;
  • Account must have reached level X (20 suggested by @Akearns , seems fair to me)

Now I know I could just ignore the account but there’s people who actually believe it’s legit.
This way people who have played a bit of the game aside from the tutorial can speak in GC, not just someone creating bots for it. Surely there’ll be ways around it. More ideas are welcome.


I agree besides the faction and town hall. I go to a few regions just to talk on global chat and get to know people and I wouldn’t wanna join a faction even for a minute just because I know I’ll only be there a few hours.


Them free coins though…

Worth. Every. Virus


I understand, but town hall level 5 doesnt take ages. And all of em are just some suggestions i could think of.


My thoughts were to have a simple level cap , around 20 before you can speak in global, its not to hard to reach that and would stop them being able to instantly create new accounts this is obviously diasbled in first few weeks of a new region


It really is common. Although I’ve also played games with a level system which I somehow forgot to add to the list. Reach level X before gc is available. If you’d like to speak in gc, you’d have to grind it out for a little while.

Level restriction somehow slipped through my mind. I’ll add it to the list.


Heather was the superior free malware coin bot.

Ah, the halcyon days of yore.


That was the Idol Heroes TapJoy offer. And sadly yes, they are in every game spamming their viruses for the unknowing or desperate.


I just block them as soon as a new one pops up… doesn’t bother me at all.


A certain prestige will be good if they do decide to make something like this.


There’s multiple post’s here in forums about these Admin ppl.


Thanks for your input. I’ll forward it to the team.


I think i’ma send an invite to Admin to join my faction


These are all good ideas and any of them would be an improvement. Maybe one condition is that account must have won X # of raids (1-5?).

The Admin bots seem to be multiplying and it’s very annoying.



I kind of miss him not using the Carl avi anymore


This reminds me of diablo 2, when spam bots would join games in droves to promote buying their items

Just like the requirements to do SR and all the other things that are level capped, talking in global should be also