Refresh search camp

the camp’s missions are totally out of the game’s current reality. the game evolved, the characters evolved, the importance of the items evolved and forgot to upgrade the camp that has 7 days search for 20k of wood and 20k of food. add more interesting items and according to the current reality of the game. change the layout, add the option to decide the path to follow during the search, something new that makes it necessary to get those more advanced packages that help you in the search mission. put chips, weapons, junk … there are several possibilities


yes but if they touch it.

They will undoubtedly make it worse.

Head now my warning Brave Warrior.
Sail to the west to Kalimdor or perish here and Now to the Undead Scourge.

I get ygl every second to third day

Apparently from previous posts in the past weeks/months, the coders from Scav left a while ago and they don’t know how to fix it.

If there would be a fix any day, it would mean a complete revamp of the camps, which I don’t think it’s in their roadmap at the moment.

Even if that’s true I think it’s a lack of inclination. It’s hard to believe that if nothing else changed they couldn’t add a zero on the end of food & wood rewards, or swap a beanie for a bag with random elite gear in it. Surely finding the bit of code that represents the reward isn’t beyond the wit of man, if you can be bothered that is.

The fact they still offer radios as rewards make you think they just can’t be a**ed

The only real change is to update the rewards, the basic missions and everything else can stay the same. Just replace old rewards with new ones. Such as:

  • Stick a zero at the end of every food and wood amount.

  • Replace Beenies/Flaks with Radio’s/Watches and other gear for 5 stars with gear for 6 stars.

  • Add a couple of stars to every trainer (Brady -> Benedict etc)

The missions, durations, requirements, random encounters etc could all remain unchanged.

I don’t know shit about coding, but surely somewhere there is a line of code that determines the reward, so just change that for something better and Robert is your mother’s brother!

Do we trust them to leave all those refills and coins alone though? The lack of coding knowledge in this area could be a blessing in disguise lol

nothing is easy, took them a year to make multi buy for items when they could have place a zero for the 100k bag

I sure the more they change the more things stuff up, even something that simple
better to start fresh, road to survival 2, with 7 stars and 5 star weapons

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