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I feel with the new event out that there definitely will be some issues that comes with no doubt about it but i feel that with all these OP walker teams that everyone has, it kinda is hard for people to gain any points in i feel if a refresh button was added like in raids we could at least pick out the teams we feel comfortable fighting against it would be a huge addition that could make the horde update more enjoyable. Thank you for your time everyone :slight_smile:

  • Add a refresh button
  • Dont add a refresh button

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No, unless they add a refresh button to war too so we don’t have to keep being slaughtered by the top factions. It would make it as pointless as raids if people pick and choose what you hit. They need to lower the recharge time of energy if anything.


A great idea but they will not do it

A few things imo need to be changed in hordes to make this event last unlike onslaught which has faded into nothingness.

  1. Rewards need improvement, a toon is a nice reward even if the toon isnt good and wont be used i guess lol but if the top 3 only get it then this will put more players into the “not spending and/or vacation time”
  2. Difficulty, i am finding it extremely difficult to kill any teams who have set up a real defense team. Yea yea get good but this is NOT raids or war, i can kill in those no problems agianst most teams but the walkers are underwhelming imho.
  3. Energy time, card pack open time needs to be changed. I dont see many spending on cans, to open packs faster, etc besides the whales who always spend.
  4. Cost of horde team and amount of cards that you can use needs to be increased.
  5. We need ways to obtain points to refresh/open packs and energy, a roadmap would be best but def not the roadmap we have now! I had no issue beating the roadmap but i am able to admit you have to be a certain level to even have the energy to do the roadmap, the energy cost to do the roadmap is stupid high and if you dont have a solid team with healers/revives and control like taunt and decaps then you wont finish it.

I like the mode itself and think it was launched better than onslaught but it needs some manot tweaking to be a common event like all the rest and to get people to spend or grind or even play at all.

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It will find a new opponent after 15 min so while it’s not a skip button and since it takes an hour to recharge a single attack that gives you 3 more chances to get someone easier.

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