Reflections on last CRW


As a F2P team we found the last CRW very good. We often faced teams in our league - small spenders. We had 8 regions in the mix so match up times were fast. As normal we faced top 10 teams at US midnight to 6 am so got blasted, but when facing equal teams we hardly ever had to put up more than 2 6* toons to make a winning team. Almost everyone used the same lineup Tyreese Mirabel Ezek Wyatt Negan - or some subtle variation. We set up 3 blues and had no problems - all 5* due to this lemming like thinking. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. I had to switch to my 6* team only a few times.

Anyone else notice this?


what is the rank of your faction? we normally saw top 10, lowest i personally saw was 48th… which should be equal to 4th or 5th in a normal war. 48th usually had 3-5 6* toons. i think we did match lower tho, i would feel bad matching lower than that. So any matching changes probably would not affect what we see much.

My faction placed 1st in the last crw.


We are 6-8th in faction wars - in CRW we are 40-60. It seems we face different teams. I just noticed a change.