Reflect damage working on Head shot?

Anyone notice that reflect damage is also reflecting back even on Headshots or has always been like that just recently came back first I’ve seen it reflected on Head shot

noticed that also…that shouldnt be the case.


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Same thing happened to me, my 6 star Ezekiel was wiped out by a dumb reflect damage walker when zeke landed a headshot. Had to use a kit to revive him what a waste,that is just ridiculous, especially seeing as it was on the very first tier, level 4 on the survival road challenge

Plan ahead, bring guardian toons, use them first to protect team. This happens every SR.

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on basic hit yes on headshot no it should not be doing that

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idk but i lost my 5* rick healer on bronze stage 3 to reflect damage lol… wasn’t paying attention

Zeke was my guardian toon :frowning: of course I had it set on auto since it was such a low level.

One of the most time consuming (meaning annoying) parts of survival road tournies is the fact that (at the higher levels) you constantly have to rebuild your team and weapon choices. I’d love to see a survival road where you set up 2 maybe 3 teams (including weapons already selected) ahead of time and they throw 100 levels at you. That you can only use those teams for.

Depends on the kind of headshot. It shouldn’t procs on Headshots done by ARs (Eg: 4* Amy), but it still procs on regular headshots that are regular attacks with critical damage.

all this is your fault, since they began to comment that the reflection in walkers made things difficult, now there is a greater% of these nice reflection in many more phases

it’s not… basic hit with cirt headshot does not trigger reflection devs has said it before only

non crit basic hit does


Um no… You just be talking sometimes.

Headshots should never trigger reflect damage.

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From the mentioned thread in the Bugs section.

@CombatDevIl I remember the last survival road event, critical on walkers aka “headshot” didnt proc the reflect damage . Am i wrong? Or it is on new update?

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CombatDevIlSenior Software Engineer
Wrong :slight_smile:

For the bronze and silver levels use 3* and 2* chars for reflect zombie levels. Or take along revivers and guardians.


@mobbie @TWD_S

Source? As far as I know, regular basic attack critical on zombies(aka headshots) have always been susceptible to damage reflect too. It’s why a while back, there was an issue where landing a critical on a zombie with damage reflect would take 80% of the zombie’s current health as supposed reflected damage, instead of the damage it would have done if it was a regular critical.

It’s been like since ever, it is not a bug.


on a basic hit yes on a cirt no. if that was case ar will be %80 too.

Are you saying the critical attacks don’t trigger weapon effects? Sorry, you’re wrong.

AR and critical attacks are two different things. Critical damage are still regular attacks.

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Critical damage headshots should not be triggering the %80

why? Where is this information?

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@CombatDevIl It is frustrating losing 6* and 5* toons in bronze SR though. so maybe something can be done to remedy this?