Reflect Damage weirdness

Hoping someone can explain this to me…

During a raid…I have a full team…maxed toons…with mods…

I attack a dropped defense team of one two-star character…

And somehow one or even sometimes two of my toons end up dead. How can this happen? Even With a reflect damage mod on that two star toon…it only reflects like what? Like 25 or 30%? And there is no way I could one-shot any of the toons on my own team…so having a percentage of that damage reflected back at me and killing me makes zero sense

Maybe reflect weapons

Weapons can reflect 80% of damage.

If you’re hitting a 2* toon with low defence, you’ll do a heap of damage and get 80% of a heap reflected back at you.

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It can easily kill one of your toons because your toons’ attack is quite big while a two-star toon’s def is very very low. About killing two of your toons… Idk, maybe you autoplayed it and some of your toons used an active skill and gave painsplit to some other toon (and then that toon hit the 2*).

I always have special 3rd slot weapons on my dropped teams

I think it’s more likely just that there were a few toons with reflect weapons.

Sounds like you got the ol territory special lol, you hit reflect weapons and got knocked out . I craft those weapons forbthat specific purpose

Even with 25 percent damage a fully maxed 6 star with mods can cause enough damage to kill itself… no idea how it could manage to kill 2 with only 1 defender tho

Yup, but he mentioned in his post that there was only one toon on the enemy team

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Good point. I’m gonna assume he wasn’t 100% accurate on that. :joy:

I can’t see it being anything to do with active skills or pain share. There’s just no way a 2* is going to have survived long enough for any of that to come into play.

Reflect mods go up to close to 50% I think. When I use Chris’ AR on an enemy debuffer by Harper, he often kills himself too because his AR + crit + SR Zeke can hit like 8-10k. It’s enough damage reflected to kill him.

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