Reflect damage walkers


"@CombatDevIl @CombatMan No way should a walker be able to reflect damage kill my tier 3 level 80 barker with hp boost weapon on the bronze stage 4 of survival road that is so buggy it makes a rhino beetle look like a unicorn! The walkers should surely have a cap on how much damage can reflect? Barker can take at least 1 attack or AR rust from another barker so it should not be able to reflect and one shot kill himself

Reflect damage working on Head shot?

Happened to my Zeke 2 levels in a row.


That’s the risk you take when you don’t pay attention.


yep lol. was autoing that shit and saw one of my toons died. Then saw stage 5 had more of them and came better prepared. Seen some faction mates complain about it too lol!


It’s not a bug. Damage reflect reflects 80% of the damage. If you do high damage, you take 80% of that high damage.


It’s funny to watch. Found a use for a couple of the revive tokens. .


No bug there sir, Reflect Damage is 80% of original damage, so a 6* attacking a weak walker will easily do 5k+ damage, which would reflect 4k, enough to kill your fighter.


I feel the saying “■■■■■■■” to be appropriate right now lol.


Bring a revive you said


So that means the only way not to get killed buy one of they reflect walkers is to hit with a toon who has a much weaker attack than defence so the hp and dmg is 120%+ of the attack?


Adrenaline Rushes don’t trigger reflect damage nor adjacency damage (Splash Damage/Collateral Damage/Waste Not)


I got burnt by this to. Does seem strangely disproportionate.

I guess cause most of us auto fill our team and then auto combat on those bronze levels a little trap has waiting for us.


Same thing happened with my Mirabelle. Bronze stage 6. Gotta pay more attention from now on lol


Use guardian to block reflected damage, stun the walker before attacking, or use a rush. Or use lower strength toons.

Splash or collateral I hadn’t thought of but good ideas as well.


I got burned on this as there where only 3 walkers I could hit, one was the reflect, probably should have just defended after I killed the others. It’s not so bad on stages where you can bring a revive, but fast revive is not widely available.


They took out my Brianna too. I now have to schedule therapy!


there should be a hard limit for reflecting damage from walkers. It’s a ridiculous way to die in the bronze level of the survival road.


I disagree; 80% should be 80%. Putting a maximum damage cap for it would further neuter it’s already limited use for players. (Eg: Using damage reflect on level 300+ in regular SR can get you past some pretty nasty stages.)


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Errrm I belive you are a player in the game and not one of the walkers who have escaped the game to join the forum,

The cap was requested on how much damage a walker can reflect on a toon nothing else :s