Reflect Damage Walker-Bronze Stage 3


Be honest, any of you get caught up on this one or have we all learned our lesson by now?


Zeke Guardian on another walker, then have that character with Guardian attack Damage Reflect. Only 1 so pretty easy to avoid.


Just rush on the bosses


Sometimes, I’m more focused on putting the strongest people together and bullrushing through. Other times, have a weaker teammate attack. But now that I have a excellent ranged crit lead, Verdelwsp’s strategy.


Well… since the invention of 6* … and unrealization of reflect dmg and its effect on 6* and losing a few 6* early on… i now make sure that the lvl is not a reflect dmg lvl anymore b4 i autofill. Its great for those that pay attention… we get more points when others dont pay attention. :heart:


I’ve definitely learned my lesson :joy: I check for reflect damage all the time now.


Fucking Dwight man, accidentally rush with him and he’s a gonner…


Yeap I did this. Was just autoplaying through and Magna bit the dust.


I learned my lesson many times beefore actually learning lol


It caught me today. Has caught me before. And will unfortunately catch me again, Im sure.

I rush to fast and don’t look, don’t care.

I actually think its funny


Checked before going in today and took revive Jesus just in case something stupid happened. Of course it’s Jesus who gets hit with the reflect damage and boom pow he dead.


Caught me multiple times but have learned my lesson now. No longer auto early stages with reflect damage.


Was autoing while i was driving. It took one of my Shivas and later in bronze reflect took my Tyreese. RIP


I always lose one when I auto play.


Same it’s almost guaranteed if you autofill with 6 stars unless you get extremely lucky with guardian shields and ars.


Stage 3 didn’t get me but I lost yumiko AND Dwight a bit later - like 20 or so.
I’m normally careful enough but one miss…


Yeah I was screwing off with Auto Tyrese is laid to rest


I know the risk, but still cant bother playing it manually.
Till finishing gold level, its all auto select and auto attack for me. If one or two toon dies in between, ill just use a kit!


Same here, was treading carefully before but now i just auto it and curse scopely loud when i loose a toon.

How about giving out less free drugs and put a cap on reflect to make battles less ridiculous? OH well.


I just use 4*s, leveled or not, with default weapons :smiley::smiley::smiley: