Reflect damage question


Does an adrenaline rush trigger reflect damage? Normally I don’t think it does but I was using Yumiko “road to survival” #2 in the survival road and used her ar against a refelect damage walker ans she died. Is it because she does 3 attacks so they work like normal attacks?


Yes all multi attack toons except those who are disarm will trigger reflect damage or other weapon effects.


Mmm not sure about the disarm toon part Eagle. Correct me if I’m wrong or if this has very recently changed, but I’ll seen my blue disarm Mich die many times to reflect damage when firing off her AR.


Was it a reflect damage zombie? Not sure if disarm works against those.


Reflect damage has never triggered against my blue shonne


Reflect damage on a walker or a weapon can’t reflect back on bluechonne… but reflect mods absolutely will. She’s been killed before by a good 30-40% reflect mod


Yup yup, I’ve been caught out plenty of times by a honey trapped Erika with a juicy reflect mod…


Never once seen a character get backfired by reflect when using a rush.


I see this in almost every SR tournament, and its always either Yumiko or Naya that gets taken out, also seen it for quarterback Ty a few times on his line AR.


Never seen for Ty, but certainly had Dwight caught by it before


only on multi rush toons like Dwight, Teresa, shiva, etc. Disarm is a bit different unless a mod. Cant confirm though if it works on walkers. havent noticed it.


Disarm means they 100% wont proc a weapon


Yep, that’s well understood, but a disarm toon is still susceptible to a mod effect (reflect damage).


The above refers to ARs that don’t say “X number of normal attacks”.


Thank you for the info everybody. It was very helpful


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