Reflect Damage Mod

I saw all kinds of crazy glitches in war. Confused toons still using AR. Stunned toons getting commanded. (And no focus was not active on them).


Because the Michonne AR is considered normal attacks just like that of Dwight, Bruce etc …

But, mich negates any weapon specials because of her disarm specialist skill, so it shouldn’t reflect damage on any of her attack regular or AR. Hence his question if a mod could still go off.

Disarm works only for weapons. Not mods

Nothing cancels a mod. Disarm is aptly named. Otherwise it would be Démoder.


Is there a thread somewhere that talks about mods not being affected by stun or other specials that you got your info from? I’m interested to know more about it now. :grin:

Good reading


Thanks. I’ll get started. :+1:

:wink: :wink: Of nothing

Lots of good info on specials, but from skimming through comments since mods came out, I don’t see that this appears to address mods reactions to specials. Developers haven’t even commented on it since mods came out. But, thanks anyway.


I recently had a reflect damage mod kill my toon that was using an AR on the defending toon. I messaged @CombatMan asking if that was working as intended but got no response. I would love to know if this is how they are supposed to work because it seems to mean that there is no way to deal with toons equiped with a high level reflect mod to decrease the possibility of the attacking toon being killed since stun doesnt affect mods and it appears that ARs are not safe either. @CombatDevIl @JB.Scopely any info yall can share would be greatly appreciated!

This confirms that I’m not imagining things lol.

put a gold reflect on wyatt. i didnt really put resources into his weap since he wasnt a very high card to me. but gadamn his reflect plus 38% reflect is good stuff. ive since put h atk and h def on him and let mfs just wreck themselves.

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Fun tip that I probably shouldn’t share. Put 1 damage reflect mod if you want to deal with pesky Guardian shields.

When they do write about Mods that’s the place they should go.

I’m just happy to know the reflect mod works.

Can confirm. It’s an absolute mess. I have played a match earlier in which I cleared the whole team but one Eze. I had four reds left (all 6*).

He had no mods on and an absDef pickaxe with HP and DEF on it (no crit). He critted every round and absDef absorbed the rest of my hits. This went on for 10-12 rounds until he finally killed my 4 toons. 3 of these had a Stun gun that never critted at all.

This is getting messy.

Faced a team with Glenn having 15% stun resist. He resisted 2 attacks from Shiva with stun, and 3 stun active skill (2 Shiva 1 Madison)…

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