Reflect Damage in SR


Just a word of caution, Stages 2, 6 and 7 in bronze all have reflect damage.

Lets get a running list going. This seems heavy on the RD so far.


Yup, just noticed it myself. Auto ran the first stages and was wondering why I got only 2*s


wish my reflect was that effective lol


How lame is it that they keep trying to get people to fall for this crap early on so they have to burn kits.


I lost 3 6* cause of this sh*t. Yes, yes I know. I should check before playing a stage but I never do.


Only stage I mildly pay attention to. All the below are viable means of avoiding instant death.

  1. collateral
  2. Splash
  3. Guardian
  4. Disarm
  5. Rush (excluding multi-attack)




It’s been pretty randomized. Some SRs you don’t see damage reflect for a while, some you do.


Not really. They seem to throw more in the early stages because the further you go along the less chance it will one-shot you. It doesn’t affect me as I check each and every stage for that garbage.

It’s a cheap tactic to get people to use kits who rush through the easy levels. No other way to look at it. Just ask @Thalia_V who lost 3 right out of the gate.


Stage 15 hasn’t it also… literally dumbest thing in the game. 3 six stars down.


I always laugh at faction mates and others that this happens to. One faction member does it so often that when anyone else does it we call it pulling a Zane, which is that girls name, love that goofy stoner chick lmao.


A human reflect damage stage got me this time. First time for that.


the Siddiq one?


It’s very easy to do since sr is so easy in the beginning and people need to run it at all waking hours they tend to run it on auto while at work or doing whatever else they have to do in rl. At least that’s how it gets me. I dont even bother going back and redoing the stage anymore for 3 stars or reviving my character that dies i just make due without.


Mhmm the meet wagon


Read the stage first before hitting auto attack. Takes 1/2 a sec. If it’s reflect damage, but 4* tier 1 toons in.


It’s a annoyance we’ve all had to deal with. Thankfully, Guardian Jesus/Rick and a reviver or two is wildly available for these stages.


But based on what sample size? Past few SRs only have like 1-2 damage reflect stages in the bronze/silver stages and we haven’t had any SRs with so much damage reflect in the early rounds like the current SR in a long time.

You’re essentially drawing a conclusion based on assumption, similar to a claim like “Extreme sales in depot disappear the moment you have enough to buy a character at full price.” Such conclusion is subject to the whims of randomized generation.


Such bs I lost 6* Rick cause of reflect damage. Smh


i lost mine, brought him back, and was stupid enough to lose him again, now im leaving him out lol