Reflect Damage at Beginning Levels of SR Tournaments


It isn’t greed. Don’t characters do significantly more damage in bronze compared to later stages? Just use a 4* crit lead and some 2* and you don’t have to worry about your 6* dying.


Lower level characters and zombies have lower defense stats. That means your 6* characters will hit for more damage, which means having 80% of it reflected back on you is more likely to kill you. Elite and Legendary reflect zombies take LESS damage due to higher defense scores, and so are less likely to kill you with reflect.


please invent some zombie with tenacity + reflection I implore you


Don’t use auto. Skip the walkers with reflect until you have a rush ready. Use the rush on the walkers with reflect. A kill from a rush doesn’t reflect. It’s a pain when you want to auto but if you don’t want to lose any better do it on manysl


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