Reflect Damage at Beginning Levels of SR Tournaments


To have a full health 6* kill themselves on the First Stage of Bronze fills me with some unholy rage, please change this.

That is all :slight_smile:


We need to have a sticky for the reflection I think it happens and it doesn’t happen to some people I don’t get it


No matter what they do to try and change their image their greed always shows through.


I am on Stage 18 of Bronze and already

Tier 4 Mirabelle has killed herself
Tier 4 Euguene has killed himself
Tier 4 Dev NEARLY did it
Tier 3 Dwight has killed himself

Like… why? All 6*s of course its just annoying that if i planned on completing the road (which I dont because its only 23 hours, a whole different topic) I would have to “waste” the revives on them


How the hell are you guys having so many problems with this? Only thing I can think of is your blindly just hitting auto , if that’s the case that’s your fault


So… maybe don’t use auto attack with your Legends on levels that warn you about reflect damage? Or bring a revive? Or make sure they have active guardian shields before they attack a reflect zombie? Or attack those zombies with Disarming characters?


to all those who die by reflection a couple of questions
1.-in the information of the phase does not warn them?
2.- Do they use adrenaline charges and are they reflected in the same way?
3.-The zombies do not show that they have that specialist skill?

If your answers are exact or similar to the following, the problem is clearly yours.
1.- Yes, it informs me of the characteristics of the phase
2.- not only normal attack and use the charges on the other zombies. unless I use dwight I like to hit with his AP zombies with reflex
3.- Yes, they show it but I do not care
I have no idea if it comes out or not, I never check the zombies with hp bar


Do none of ya have 4* LE Jesus or AOW Rick?


Normally I side with the players, but not this time. Don’t use AUTO, bring a shield toon and your toons won’t die.


Holy moly this was originally as a joke even though I was annoyed by it but yall are getting kinda heated…

Realistically yes, I press auto then let the autoed team auto the zombies. I cant be bothered to manually do it for all the little stages, I got better things to do.

To those that gave real answers to help, I thank you for being so kind, and the people legit having problems with these stages thank you!


Hmmmm… it does state “Reflect Damage” clearly under the enemy stats section on the right side. I have lost 6*s too from not paying attention, it’s no big deal, just learn from YOUR mistake and move on.


There are 3 things that make me wonder why people complain about early reflect stages:

First, you don’t even need 6* to complete tournament-grade Legendary; 5* are more than sufficient. Daily SR Legendary is a different beast, but the tournament is a breeze.

Second, given the recent penchant for 24 hour and below tourneys, you’re not even going to reach Legendary unless you purchase cans, so if you’re alright with doing that, why object to buying medkits too?

Third, you don’t even need 6* medkits to get your 6* back? If you’re that desperate for them, just revive them using the trait medkits which are a common drop on the daily, as well as throughout the tournament.


It is because I do not want to take manual labor on bronze


Do none of you read the stage notes before hit auto attack? Your own fault! It’s not hard NOT to die on those stages.


I guess the part of making the game harder didn’t include reading for people. How selfish of Scopely.


Definitely not sympathising with you.
I never have a problem with reflect because you know why?

  1. I read and check what’s the level consisting of
  2. I do NOT hit auto
  3. I play the stage out as I am building up AR for the harder levels.

Of which all SENSIBLE and serious players do. Start playing smart and stop expecting to be spoonfed all the way!


Definitely sympathising with you.
I have a problem with reflect because you know why?

  1. I find it stupid that I can autoplay silver and gold and not bronze.
  2. Mixing something extremely easy with one-shot death traps is simply bad design.

If all SENSIBLE and serious players enjoy crap like that, then I prefer to be SILLY and have fun :slight_smile:


Check the card and if you see reflect, use some of the lower rarity toons in your roster, guardians (4* LE Jesus or Pocky are ideal) with a crit rusher and crit weapons, even crash level a few red 2* if you can and use Adrenaline rushes. It’s not bad design, it actually actively rewards you for maintaining a diverse roster and paying attention, you can still auto it, you just might need to auto it with a different set of toons.


Everyone that dies on reflect stages is l just lazy AF. Instead of playing the game properly and reading and looking at the screen you complain that they should make the game easier :roll_eyes:


After reading this I tied it on my old alt (no 6*). All auto fill, auto attack and no deaths. The problem is the 6* stat buff.