Reflect damage and revive weapons


I have it in three weapons, that I rarely use. Of course, 6 Wyatt comes with it. Reflect always caught a bad rap because it charges ar, but with the high damage of 6s, 80% is a lot of damage. Think there might be hope for it now?

Also since revive weapons now revive on ar kills, how much value you think they have now?


I saw someone post the idea of throwing reflect weapons on tier 1/level 1 toons. Couple that with Wyatt (HTL) and maybe change his weapon special to revive you could have a fun time buffing him out.


This has been tested and confirmed useless in PVP

Half decent for SR tho.

80% of a regular attack just charges up AP. You basically have to completely not be paying attention to have it impact you negatively


Yes, thats the only useful thing about it is to put it on 1*/2* toons in territories.


Definitely use reflect damage on one star characters I make them out of one star weapons and put them in territories.


Reflect damage works pretty ok on 6’s, pretty ok and that’s about it. I use it with Carl the odd time and it is pretty funny watching a 5 star and less kill themselves with their last hit, in the 6 star game it’s useless.