Refine the roster when leveling

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron

Given that you can hold early 1000 characters in your roster it’s becoming quite frustrating when you have to scroll sideways over & over to go from 2s to 3s because of the sheer volume of characters.

An easy fix would be to add a few buttons for each type that take you to that first type of character you own: 2*, 2* trainer, 3*, 3*trainer etc.

Or maybe tabs so have a separate roster for each type.


Stack everything imo

And don’t limit us to 10 at a time.

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Armory style overhaul for roster would be greatly appreciated. By me


Yes. If they can do it for the Armory surely it’s possible for rosters too. It would be awesome to have the ability to filter by trait, persona etc as we do now but also filter to only S-Class, 6s, 5s etc or filter out maxed toons so you can see which ones you can use for levelling. All this would make everything so much easier.


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