Refills - make them more readily available Scopely!

So, Scopely, with the introduction of leagues you’ve been keeping us all incredibly busy particularly with Raid and Road events. I have been hitting at least milestones in most events (last Faction Road was first I haven’t in a long time) but I find it baffling that you either don’t make refills available to buy when I’m ready to play, or if you do, the offers are mostly terrible!!

I like to stay at the competitive end of the game but this does require spending. I’m willing to spend if offers are reasonable (and available) but if you make it difficult for me to compete (and potentially to participate), then you are gonna lose another player quick. I would be very surprised if I’m not alone in this.

There should NEVER be a time when refills aren’t available to buy. Also, you need to refresh the way you package your offers. I don’t want to be messing around with all these poxy small offers (also some with chances of not receiving refills and who even cares or needs effing grenades?! = wtf!!!).

How about adding more refills bundle packages which include much bigger refill quantities (obviously well discounted)? There also needs to be more events which offer refill drop opportunities.

You need to step up your game with this Scopely!!!


I agree. Scopely have lost sight of what players want from the game and why they play and what they will willingly and not very grudgingly spend reasonably modest amounts of money on.

Surely guaranteed income ticking over in the background for what a relatively large number of people actually want is just as important, if not more so, than the big ticket items which just scream “over-priced” and a lot of people won’t buy. Relying on a fee big spenders is a recipe for disaster. Basic marketing strategy.

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Yes, no raid can sale for the most recent events is killing my game right now. I don’t like coining the bags for a maybe.

Come on Scopes, get with it.

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I agree.

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So you want them to give coins for leagues AND lower the cost of bags? I doubt it.

You took that from what I wrote?!

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I agree with every word there, but the sad truth is if WE considered an offer to be good, Scopely would change it or charge more for it.

They are happy to live on the knife edge between over charging & people walking away.

No idea why, I agree that keeping the income ticking over from minimal offers would make smart business sense, but as long as the whales keep on whaling the pancake crew will carry on regardless.

Totally agree I will be just surviving in this next league, all cans burnt

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