Refills (15 char)

Anyone else notice they’re selling refills only for ToC regions? SR and war refills. But no raid refills for the exciting faction raid tourney going on for the rest of us. Some world refills would be nice too.

No I don’t really need raid refills, but i still thought it was interesting… They just gonna forget about everyone else?

Lol I hear ya. Just gets me thinking, conspiracy type :joy:

Could ToC just be a way to separate the majority of spenders (the ones they wanna keep) from f2p? What if the plan is to never open regions for transfer again? So all those whales will be locked in the higher activity regions, and they can just forget about everyone else. Would make shutting down a bunch of servers, without losing lots of whales very possible, I think…

You really think ToC regions are high activity? I’m fairly sure a lot of the top factions will quit if they get locked into those regions.

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