REE Borderlands 3

So borderlands 3 just got announced to day and im hyped. Tiny Tina is no longer tiny and mordecai looks like a luchador and the new vault hunters. Turns out the leeks were true.

From left to right the vault hunters are
The siren, the beastmaster, the botjock and the operative. I think i will pick either the operative, botjock or beastmaster. Oh i cannot wait. Ive have been waiting since the launch of borderlands 2.

Edit:1 there is already memes

Edit2: Sad news for steam users. Borderlands 3 will be a timed exclusive for the epic game store. I hoped it was a april fools joke but it seems serious since Randy Pitchford does not confirm nor deny it. I recommend waiting or buying it on console since pretty much the chinese government owns it. Tim Sweeney pretty much said they have no influence over the company even though they own 40% of the damn copampany and the launcher has been caught stealing personal information. They try to lure players with the promise of 2 games a week. The launcher itself is pretty bad since single player games like metro can only be played online while using the launcher. Normally i am a diehard console user but the promise of playing borderlands on the go on my lil bros gaming laptop was alluring and was considering buying the game there but i don’t trust epic for the life of me. I was told pc was better before since everyone can play every game together there (Except for console exclusives) but now with the launch of this genuinely cancers company have pretty much made the great divide that playstation and xbox has. Tom himself had the gull to say that the personal data was for “Bettering games” and that he only had access to it. But if you own 40% of a company how can you not have any power in it at all? Some of you may be a die hard fortnite fan but i am here to shit on the people behind the launcher and their predatory tactics not the game. They can take my metro thats fine ill just play left 4 dead on the pc. they grabbed up that one other game witch was essentially co-op bioshock witch interested me but not enough to care if it was an exclusive or not. But when you steal Borderlands? That is where i draw the line. I got nothing against pc since i own a few games on steam. So having borderlands 3 there would have been great. If you stuck around for this essay i thank you for caring. This may be the wrong forum but nothing wrong to be hyped about what you like. We all have something we wait for to return and when it does you cant help but share it with everyone.


but where is Rhys and Fiona? :frowning:

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Image result for borderlands 3 rhys
here he is.

I swear this is real its in the new trailer uploaded to youtube about 2 hours ago.

This is not the full image. In the trailer zero is standing right next to him.

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! I just saw this and i am fangirling now! Excited for BL3 as much as i am for DL2, even tho BL has no zombies i loved BL1 and BL2 and had a blast playing those with friends, cant wait for!


There is a whole crap ton of new weapons in the trailer. The biggest question on my mind is who will i pick? Im hyped as shit right now.

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Can’t wait to see my boy back in action! Though, hopefully with a much more graceful entrance than in Tales of the Borderlands…


so much hype! cant wait to see Rhys back in action. Im glad to see Zero and Maya too. And i think i saw Fiona in trailer but i might be mistaken.

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Siren and beastmaster are my picks already! Also that chick with the mech suit looks like fun

Been waiting about 2-3 years for this.

saw the title, had to posts (no eu here so I can still post memes)

been waiting years for BL3…my guns need legs!