Reducing value of Survivor’s Club

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Some of the recent in-game changes are at odds with the benefits of being a Survivor’s Club member and effectively reduce the value I am getting from my SC subscription.

  1. No new promos on the premier wheel, where we can use our daily pull. Instead, three new promos are put on a special walker head token wheel where the daily pull cannot be used.

  2. Weapon parts as war stash rewards. SC members do not need weapon parts to craft, so effectively you are giving fewer war rewards to your players who are SC members.

Can we get some official word on whether or not new promos are coming back to the regular premier wheel? Also, I suggest removing weapon parts from the war stashes and replacing them with something useful to everyone like war cans, trainers, etc.

This coming Tuesday I will have enough comics to tier 4 Andrea and with the recent changes, I’m not sure it is worth continuing my SC membership for reduced benefits.


Absolutely right. Pls show some appreciation to your most dedicated players


From the beginning SC was the mistake(like scopely)…And players still paying for this trash shit…


$25 a month for a 6* human shield that can be taken out with ease by a 5* kate. Yeah, that sounds about right

Already canceled my sub

Ima slap those maxed andreas around with my bruce i got for free and cut her head off with alpha, $25 a month :rofl:


How about letting a SC members have free mod removal all the time. That would be a nice benefit.

Special SC wheels

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$300 a year for what little the SC offers? Please.

For that amount you could buy the following :

  • Xbox Live $60 year
  • Xbox Game Pass $10 mth
  • Netflix $10 mth

For the same amount of money game pass gives you over 100 games to play a month and Netflix offer a ton of entertainment. No contest.

As is the SC should cost $10 a month. Period.


Yeah but who has time for that stuff when you’re addicted to a mobile zombie game…


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