Reduced duplicates - “system wide” please


@JB.Scopely please have the reduced duplicates code apply across reward wheels… with my CRW rewards, I got enough for three Halloween token pulls and then enough five star tokens for one pull on that wheel… and… I pulled FOUR dupes and none of them ascendable.

For the record, this type of result is a total disincentive to spending money on this game. I will never spend real money on war when this kind of outcome is possible — and likely — from a weekend’s worth of activity.


I saved up my Halloween pulls so maybe I wouldn’t pull dupes buuuuut I got 3x Martinez, 2x blue Gov & 2x Bruce.


I got 3x Martinez



This might just be s hit, but I found doing single pulls on the event wheels seem to give better luck then one big pull, 3 singles u probably wouldn’t of got Martinez 3 times.


I got 2x Jeremiah from that halloween wheel, straight after getting him in the level up, it’s just as if… the game knew…


3x Green Dwights in a row also. I did snag 6* Evasion Governor tho, he’s new for me. Other than those the rest was all dupe 5*.


Since the use of a duplicate is rare, it’s like a prize wasn’t given at all.
I guess Scopes and their focus on limiting prizes knows this only too well.


only when you can’t because you get rewarded 2+ token pulls. i do get you though, got 4 negans in my pull


All my pulls were single and I got two Martinez as well. Got a 6* Gov, who I already have. The rest has been complete junk.

I’m done with spending on anything other than the monthly pass, and even that is a grudging purchase.


Would be pretty awesome.


Garbage for me as well


If those 5*s were shown in an events wheel as an almost certain chance (93%) of winning, would that change how you competed in an event?

(They’ve even removed them from the prize wheel)


No i don’t participate for prizes most times. I like war and my faction tries to finish ahead of another faction for bragging rights lol. I have learned to not expect much from the 3 years of playing this game.


Next to claim option, we need a depot option.


Yes, I’m also bored that I do not want to pull because I know I’ll get all garbage


Just do a stash instead of a wheel. Simple.


I got that Negan too, way to go on passing out toons that are useless for a main team Scopely😡


This wheel basically drops clones


Duplicates screw me over in two ways; it’s a terrible way to reward effort ,stunts my in game progress


Why fight when theres no rewards. Shit you absolutely cant use and progresses you no where is not a prize.