Reduce scout time for war


If possible can you bring up having a reduced scout time for war this weekend please. With it being a normal war most participants already have an idea of the team makeup of the factions we will be going up against based on raids and waiting the full 6 minutes is kind of upsetting when wars can sometimes be finished in less time. Thanks in advance


On this note, @kalishane , can you confirm whether war will be 6v6 or 8v8? Hoping for an 8v8…

You know I was going to say something too, but I’m on the fence about whether or not I would prefer 8v8 over 6v6. I like the idea of 8v8 but at the same time our faction has been less than active since the CRW in December. Last time I think it was based on region anyway.

My region is pretty active so I’d enjoy a 8v8 more, especially since we haven’t had 8v8 regular war in a long time.

Maybe there’s a way to see what regions are more active and make the wars 6v6 and 8v8 accordingly.


6 minutes is killing all war in my region. 6v6 with 6 minute wait = many of our casuals not getting 100K

I have. :slight_smile:

I am talking more with IUGO to see where we are with that at this time.


Working on it still! :slight_smile:

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If you reduce scout time, can you increase refill drops lol

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8v8 right now!

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Scout times are ok. The scout time is more needed for assembling the team than scouting. It is hurting on high activity times but on low activity time that you need players outside your timezone the 6 mins make it easier for them to get on and avoid being a burden

I don’t care about scout times.

I care about massively unbalanced matches.

I prefer 6v6.

My faction is a wide mix of players high and low level. Generally place rank 25 in battles. Very few bother fighting due to 9/10 matches we face teams that greatly exceed the factions ability.

On plus side the entire faction has lots of refills because never get a chance to use them.

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I like 6v6 matches to. Heavy hitters can take a break and overnights are so much better. Most factions have a very hard time getting 8 overnight, others that can have to face the very top factions over and over and over. 8v8 I think is only good for the top few factions, sucks for anyone else. 100k milestones are very easy to get. With 6v6 I can sit out every other battle and still get 100k easily well before Sunday even hits.

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6V6 is better for not so active regions. And with the amount of people retiring daily, I dont know how many regions (apart from the top factions) find it easy to fill 8 spots over two and half days!

i don’t care if we have 6vs6 or 8vs8, but the last wars we had within our region were 6vs6 with scout times from 8vs8 and milestones from 8vs8. we had problems to get most of our players reach last milestone even with good overall activity.
If scopely really starts 6vs6, milestones and scout times must fit to the smaller team.

@kalishane can it be changed to 6 v 6?

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6v6 is much better for us too! Reducing timers accordingly needs to happen though. And scout time…3 minutes is plenty for any war IMO.

1 minute is more than enough , the fuck you want to scout for ? I know every damn war team strong enough to be remembered and those who are weak just get destroyed anyway…that’s kinda easy asf now that almos 80-90% use the damn same teams…


Thank you for all your feedback!

I am talking with our player experience team to see if they can add in 6v6 VS 8v8 to see what gauge we can get across the playerbase. I thought most of the community preferred 8v8 since the last time we did a 6v6 the forums seemed very opposed to it. Make sure to fill out your surveys! If you’re having issues with your surveys – feel free to reach out to me!


That would be awesome!

But yeah, reduced scout time would be great. Otherwise the wars are mostly just waiting, then more waiting before (usually) short battle time, then back to waiting.

No scout time wouldn’t work though imo because sometimes people need a heads up that war is about to begin, especially if it’s been a long queue time.