Reduce SC price plz

dear scopley 25$ per month is too much for this survival club pls readjust the price it should be not mire then 15$.


Or perhaps just $1, considering bugs, hiccups, and broken toons


Not gonna happen. Keep on surviving.


They would need to pay us for all the annoyances that this game brings :yum::yum::joy:


$10 survival club, update the crate for the other $10dollar 30day login coin plan so its also appealing, then offer a bundle plan for both for $18 a month.

tho honestly non of this matters, the feature has already been released, they are already working on the next new feature and this one will be a memory soon enough


:smiling_imp: hjffc

Community: “Halve the price of the Survivor’s Club”

Scopely: “We listened to your feedback and halved the price. We also doubled the number of comics needed to max out Andrea. Keep surviving”.


Nah, they never listen to feedback :sweat_smile:

They have plenty of games with memberships that are way better and with way better benefits for no more than $10 a month. Most don’t give you a “free” character then make you keep paying for their membership to even make them useable. The free daily pull is something that comes standard in most games like this (usually it’s 48 hours though but no membership required). The only decent thing is not needing regular materials for armory. But that’s not worth $25 a month. Plus you still gotta use tapes and kits.


A lot of people keep saying this, and it is kind of amusing to me - and I think “so what?”

Imagine it was a different system, the comics were used as a museum collection and you needed 114 (the number required to max her out) to claim her. It is exactly the same premise, the only difference is that you’d probably need normal gear. At least with comics, the gear shortage is negated.

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Please stop… Makes too much sense… Hurting brain…

Scopely quiere nuestro aguinaldo, pero no prefiero gastarlo en putas y alcohol que en píxeles !!!

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I’ll buy if it’s $9.99 not a cent worth more.


thats the price that i’ll pay for it

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Agree. It’s what I pay for a mostly pass on PUBG

but why? let em set the price @ 100$. its their shi**y bussiness. idc.

.99¢. For a year.

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i know but we are their customers right… we hve right to demand

we have no rights, everything belongs to them. if they want they can shut down the game next day.

same here, it shouldn’t be more than my WoW subscription, and it has way less bugs and hiccups than this game :confused: