Reduce Preparation time in War

One of the strongest arguments on the 6v6 war…is the long 6 minute waiting/preparation time.

Anyone needs this time?

Why does Scopely needs this time?
can we reduce it to…2 minutes?

Any other suggestions?


I’ve heard this before~ It’s on the list! Thanks for sharing twintwixtom.


I’d agree but suggest maybe 3-4 minutes. Often times people farm while waiting for a match, 2 minutes may not be enough time to finish some stages if one is found right after a match is made


4 minutes will be enough. Thinking 2 minutes too short when you do search for 15 minutes before.


I do exactly that. And the stages take about 3 minutes to complete each.

Yeah 3-4minutes would be enough to get your crew together.

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4 minutes is perfect

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3 minutes would be fine for me. 6 minutes is way too long. when you war alot you should already have things together unless your scouting the ohter team alot

I agree with four minute timer. It’s enough time for a quick scout and for others to finish up a random roadmap they may be running while waiting.

I know the current wait is only a few moments difference but that time adds up over the course of the war. Especially true on 6x6 wars.

We also need a button to immediately launch the battle with the agreement of both sides (after a delay of one or two minutes)
After facing the same defenses, it’s a little boring to wait sometime.

Just leave well enough alone for the love of god

It’s not broken, it’s not bugged , leave it alone

There are countless issues that could be getting addressed instead of pandering towards the impatient people, 6 minutes is fine , gives people enough time to go farm a stage , to finish making a coffee , to get comfy and settled for what could be an hour of coining and fighting.

Personally it gives me time to go grab a drink and switch from whatever game I’m playing on to Netflix and get settled ready to take a tower.

Leave well enough alone please and focus on things that are actually broken or need improved