Reduce armory crafting time

The impossible armory odds has made the armory process extremely tedious. We have to gather resources, craft items, start the armory, then wait two days for most likely nothing. I have a decent amount of tape and kits, but I haven’t been using them because of this boring cycle.

I feel like eliminating the wait time to craft would improve the armory quite a bit. Make it like an hour or two?


But then the truly dedicated won’t have to shell out coins to complete it faster. :crazy_face:

It’s never gonna happen. It would be nice to cut it down to 24 hours at least.




What’s the point? I only get 2 kits and 2 tapes a week, so I don’t see the point of shortening the craft times now. Lol


OP complains about getting nothing from armory and follows it up with “I don’t use tapes and kits.”



I have plenty of good weps. I just dislike using 30 pairs of tapes/kits to get another…

If your going for something that matters always use a duct tape. If you fail the regular success roll you automatically fail the crit roll thus wasting all the mats. I also advise waiting until you can take hold of the crit weapon territories you can skip the regular success ones as they do nothing provided you are using a duct tape like you should be.


We have a crafting faction to go to. That’s another step. I usually wait till war and we take turns capping and crafting to avoid switching factions.

You are doing the right thing, save those duct tape and kits. Wait until you have a 100 then sell them all.

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