Redo the pink egg feature

This needs to be redid the green eggs don’t need to be in there at all since I have a hundred times the other amounts of pink and bloody versus and maybe change the pink eggs to 5 10 15 25 and if I was going to guess in the beginning of this event which egg you were going to bone us on I would have guessed the bloody

Yep, give us a taste of the needed item in a borring road map and then sell what we need to finish the collection for a crazy amount.

Typical scopley. Then they will say, we gave you an event for the gear, stop complaining.

Money first, money always.


Scopely seize the Pay!


Someone did the math and if they are right we should be able to turn in twice for 4 pieces of gear. That’s 4 times we don’t need to hit 2 mil for the same gear. That sounds pretty good to me.

The crates are there for the people who are impatient or normally drop cash into the game. Nothing new here. Scopely is a business and as such profit is all that matters to them. The game is just a way to facilitate that no more no less.

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Fixed I was thinking of 8 million points not needed which as you said is 4 times. :+1:

I just wish the leftover bulk of what we don’t get to use or wont need would be converted into supply markers or survival markers or something, but ever since that one thanksgiving event back in 2016 they don’t really do that much anymore or at all.


Oh you’re going to get a conversion I’ve never seen him not what’s not true I guess I got some items from last Christmas that I still have that they haven’t converted but these will be

That was after all the criticism and unwanted heat so they are trying to redeem themselves and make their customers happy. I don’t play that game but I just heard about all the backlash and would assume that is why they have “gotten really good” as of lately. Unless of course you are just being sarcastic, then I didn’t pick up on that lol.

I will take your word for it because I don’t play that game or any game by EA. It does look interesting though, but I was never into Star Wars, don’t stone me to death, I just never got into it. I have been meaning to, anyway that’s all I have to say. Don’t want to go off topic too much.

Where is everyone at now with eggs? I have 300 bloody eggs, 6850 green eggs and 150 pink eggs. I haven’t made any pulls yet and I haven’t bought any of the egg crates. Just been grinding and trying to stay on top of everything. So does everyone think we will only be able to make 2 pulls of the 6* collections? I am really hoping to do 3. Time will tell.

Same other than green. Looks like you’re more dedicated than me when it comes to raiding

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I bought a few crates to do a pull today, maybe I missed something. Overall I’m disappointed with the lack of pink eggs so far…

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Yup, the pink eggs are the struggle for sure.

My Chattahoochee region.

And my Chilton region. These damn pink eggs are holding everything up. :open_mouth:

If people would stop buying out these boxes and $300+ stashes, then maybe they’d put a more reasonable price tag on things. But, since shitloads of people who don’t have to worry about money keep buying EVERYTHING scopely throws in the shop, they’ll keep giving us shit at a premium!

I forgot to add… $300 stash for a 6*… 40 food bags… no legendary medals… no gps/canteen… and how many thousands of people bought it out I wonder???