Redistributed badges from war

Putting them at the 12.5 and 2m level up milestones is not cool.


100k war points are so much easier to get than 2 million level up points

I honestly believe they do these “errors” on purpose just to mess with players


That’s the LU

They should of just given us war with the flaws of the new update over this boring crap with lackluster rewards


Tell me about it. I could hit that 100k milestone in war far more easier than this rubbish 2m milestone that has been the bane of all players.

And they try to sugarcoat their words by saying they would give the badges out as you would expect in war.

Lmao, what a joke.


Not just 2m. 2m after a series of level up events basically back to back for a week


Did you look at the schedule for next week? This is the first of four. Enjoy! :wink:

I’m just gonna settle for the worst prize for every single one of them unless I get a 100k then I will use it to get a few toons ready for when I give a crap again and want to finish top 10 in one of these turds.


@kalishane. Any chance the team could lower the requirement, 2 million is getting old. It is way easier to get war points. People are running out of gear.


People have run out of the following:

Gears to even tier 2 most toons now (Night vision goggles being hard hit/Hunter)

Training grounds - So many level ups have depleted all of our grounds, many are without basic 2* to even muster up the levelling

Food - Even with the new gear depot, the ultimate gear map is only 4 days long meaning 4 sets of gear so selling items for the tokens are very very low now

maybe double up on the SR badges and lower the Level up badges to 500k at the bare minimum. this is crazy what is happening right now in the game


It’s funny just how much grinding is necessary just to compete in a mind mumblingly vapid event they call level ups. There is nothing engaging or anything that could remotely be described as fun from participating in one.

Raiding is fun in small amounts but killed by the sheer number of times required to hit 4200.

Faction Assault could have been something fun for the team but the amount of time it takes to earn the tickets and the uneven scoring has really made it a non-event.

Survival road is fun but once again gets bogged down in just how long it is.

War was the crowning jewel of the game. It’s the only event that requires true engagement from the team and even now that is a shadow of its former self with broken matchmaking sucking any of the fun to be had as the top factions steam roll over teams that have no business being matched to them in the first place time and time again just to keep the few happy at the expense of the many.

Territories suck and will always suck. The game even knows this its why it always crashes and reboots itself. Even it doesn’t want anything to do with territories.


At least they could of made the prizes better … wow scopely sucks lol

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So if i want those badges to get anything else out of the second stash to level my toons to put up big points in the level up i have to put up big points in the level up. Its gotten so damn retarted just to try and play anymore. No gear no time to cook toons. Constant level ups with bide you the rewards being things you need for the current event. The rewards for war were not the same as these B.S. rewards you have thrown out there and its insulting to your not for much longer loyal players. Do the right thing for a change instead of the easy thing.

I won the first in the solos and faction events with tokens so far, haven’t missed a milestone and i am only 11 pulls into the 2nd stash. Not to mention about 15-20k in raid scores. Short of burning 500 cans each week i don’t see how anyone can reasonably complete the stash let alone even make it half way through.

Even the boxes for sale barely make a dent if your spend on their overpriced margins.

Also unless the timer is extended this was supposed to be the finale weekend. So i am doubtful we will see a war for RTP prizes, also i believe most of the playerbase is let down over the lackluster token qtys for the weekend. It was stated the tickets lost from war would be replaced but seems like we just completely lost out on the chance as the prizes are cookie cutter of the previous events.



Glad I just went all in for the last faction event. No way 2 million is possible now that I just did over 2 million in the last one and did it for my faction. Maybe players need to start boycotting level ups.

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It’s like they put zero effort and thought into this.


Any idea when the next events start?

In 1 minute.

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solo in 1 min. Survival Road in 6 hours

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I feel like i got screwed as well. Put up over 2million for my faction with war coming next. Thrn war cancelled and solo level up for badges we would have probably got from milestones in war. Most people hit the 100k easy with activity. But 2 million is ridiculous unless ofcourse you are sitting on ledgendary toons 4th tier. So it goes from a majority of people gaining to a small minority prospering. Thats how you finish what was a good event leaving people pissed off and feeling like me like we were screwed once again.

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I had to t4 a bunch of shitty 5 stars and send them on a 100k mission just to score points in this stupid level up. Hoping I can hit that 2 mil but it’s gonna be close. After this i will have absolutely no toons left to level up and no gear anyway. Betting they will have badges up to the 2 million milestones all week this week as well.